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About Pashminas

The softness of the cashmere wool against your skin feels luxurious. A pashmina scarf wraps you in warmth, comfort, and style. The two- and three-ply scarves are made from special wool from Nepal and come in multiple styles and colors. For a look that goes with any outfit, choose a neutral color like a soft gray or black. To draw attention to your pashmina scarf, choose a bold color like pink or deep red. Cashmere pashmina wraps come in a light, two-ply style that can be worn every day, or choose a heavier three-ply style for cold winter mornings. Wear a bright yellow pashmina wrap over a sundress when you are moving from the warm outside to the air-conditioned inside so you can warm up when you need to, or toss a bold blue or green wrap over a black dress for an evening out. A pashmina shawl makes a great accessory for casual and formal outfits. Find a pashmina scarf, wrap, or other accessory on eBay. Search the fast inventory for the exact color, size, and style you want.