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About Party Favors

Party favors can be almost anything?little items given out to the guests. Many things can be a party favor and are appropriate for different types of party. There are kid party favors, birthday party favors, wedding party favors, even bachelor party favors, or just something to add a little fun to a gathering for no purpose in particular except celebrating life. Party favors can be balloons, masks, drinking cups, noisemakers, horns, hats, or flowers; they can be dolls or other toys, rings or other costume jewelry?they can have a theme from a movie or book, or just be random. Often party favors are put in bags for the individual guests, with several gifts inside, and the bags themselves are sometimes designed to represent the purpose of the party, such as bridal gown or tuxedo bags for a wedding party. Whatever you are looking for in the way of party favors, you can find them, and also plenty of ideas, on eBay.

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