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About Parts Washer

When it comes to automobiles, it is about more than looking pretty under the hood. Using a parts washer to remove grime helps drivers detect cracks and other damage to car parts, possibly preventing disaster. Doing away with heavy dirt, grease, and oil allows proper re-installation and keeps car parts functioning as they should. While every product is a little different, they all contain similar components. A standard washer offers an electric fluid pump located at the bottom of a large tub, which connects to a flexible hose for easy washing. Originally, washers came with large stainless steel tubs but newer models offer colorful plastic tanks. Those intended for small spaces unfold into a washbasin and fold back up quickly for easy, convenient storage. In addition to garages and body shops, people might find parts washers in a variety of manufacturing and repair companies, cleaning everything from nuts and bolts to diesel engines and aerospace equipment. Shoppers looking for a parts washer on eBay can choose from a wide variety of products and pick up some parts washer solvent in the process. Whether a compact or an industrial parts washer, these handy units get the job done.