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About Parnis Watches

You would love to rock a Rolex; you dream of owning an Omega; but the bills need paying, and you do not have the spare cash to splurge on designer timepieces. Parnis watches are the perfect solution. Several Chinese manufacturers use the Parnis brand name to produce and market timepieces globally. Each watch offers style akin to the big name brands, but without the big name prices. Many of the watches are a clear homage to popular brands. For example, Parnis Explorer watches have a stylish and sophisticated design similar to the classic Rolex Explorers, which have black dials, large triangles at 12 o'clock, and luminous Arabic numerals at 3, 6, and 9 o'clock. Other popular brands to get the Parnis treatment include Omega, IWC, and Panerai. A huge inventory of Parnis watches exists on eBay to ensure you have plenty of choices. Whether you want a thin or thick watchband, a Submariner-inspired design, or a Pam-inspired design, you are sure to find a Parnis timepiece that fits the bill, while ensuring you can still pay those bills.