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About Parking Meters

If unauthorized vehicles are constantly showing up in your lot, take control by installing parking meters. Look through the large inventory on eBay and find accessories that not only let you earn an income from your space, but provide the authority to tow vehicles that stay in the parking lot too long, or that belong to sneaky people who try to get away with parking in a metered lot without paying the specified fees. Also, get locks to keep things secure. Some styles keep meters attached to accompanying metal posts in the ground, while others attach directly to a meter, helping to prevent conniving thieves from getting their hands on the coins inside. Keys are also crucial, because they make it easy to get access and retrieve money, as well as to reset the meter if the last person who used it let the time expire before leaving. There are many practical solutions to keep your parking area orderly. Finally, although many of the parking meters available are in working order, others are no longer functional, but still look great. One of these could make a great gift for someone you know who works in the parking industry and likes to decorate his home or garage accordingly.