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About Parker Pencils

In an office setting, it may not be professional to have a yellow number two pencil sitting on your desk. For people who prefer to use a pencil to a pen, the stylish Parker pencil is the way to go. You can have a mechanical pencil and pen set and no one will be the wiser. In 1940, Parker introduced its "51" Writefine pencil. Its sleek design came in the same shape and color combinations that their famous pens did, so you could match your pencils with your pens. Because the pens and pencils were made of different materials due to pre-war preparations, the antique Parker pencils changed colors over the course of time. New Parker sets, available on eBay, often come with a pen and pencil and they make for lovely gifts. Because the caps are made of metal, they can be inscribed with the recipient?s name to make it an extra special gift for the writer in your life.