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About Parker 51

When Parker introduced its iconic Parker 51 fountain pen in 1941, it called it "The World's Most Wanted Pen." At the time, the company wanted a new pen to promote with its brand new ink that dried almost immediately. Since the ink was made with high amounts of rubbing alcohol, Parker needed a pen that could stand up to corrosive ink. Little did it know that it was building a pen that would be popular for decades to come. Pen aficionados can still find new versions of this model, but more prefer to find vintage versions that have stood the test of time. True lovers of this particular pen type go so far as to collect parts that they can use to repair the pen if it ever does have a failure of some sort. Because of the vast inventory on eBay, you can find Parker 51 fountain pens at all different levels of age, from brand new and never used to original and well-loved. No matter which you prefer, writing with a well-designed fountain pen is a different experience altogether.