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About Perfumes

Clothing isn?t the only way to express yourself; parfum is a great way for both men and women alike to add an extra dimension to their self-expression through the sense of smell. Treat the olfactory senses of everyone around you to a bouquet of fragrances that compliments your own sense of style. Humans have used essential oils, fragrances, aromatic compounds, and other forms of parfum since the dawn of human civilization. The works of a woman named Tapputi, considered by many to be the world?s earliest chemist, are recorded on a cuneiform tablet that dates back to the 2nd millennium B.C. in Mesopotamia. Tapputi distilled oil, calamus, flowers, and other aromatic compounds to make some of the earliest known perfumes. The eau de parfum has come a long way since ancient Mesopotamia, and eBay?s reliable sellers offer wide variety of brands and fragrances. Add a whole new line of fragrances to your bathroom counter by buying in bulk with a parfum lot. The next time you spritz some parfum or cologne on yourself, take pride in the fact that you taking advantage of a millennia of human advancement and innovation in the world of chemistry.