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About Parelli

From the time you were a small child, you have had a fascination with horses. You’ve finally had the opportunity to move to your country home and are now what to learning more about horses and their care by going through the Parelli study program. Your ultimate goal is to achieve a Parelli Mastery and then start your own horse riding and training business. While working the program, you have learned a great deal and are so glad that you found the Parelli DVD on eBay. Slowly but surely, you are completing each level and are learning to care for your own horses in the process. The program teaches you to watch for the clues that your horse provides through his posture, and then use them to care for the horse. You are amazed at how unique each horse’s personality is, and when you put it into practice, you experience an entirely new riding experience. You also know that the more knowledge you gain, the more valuable your services will be to future customers. You hope in time to buy more Parelli products from eBay, and even promote their services to your potential new clients, to whom your passion for horses is evident.