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About Paratroopers

Since World War II, the paratrooper has been one of the most fascinating specialized types of military unit taking part in combat operations. Taking advantage of early advances in aviation technology, paratroopers offered the perfect solution for deploying troops to areas where access by land or sea was otherwise inhibited by hostile forces. By parachuting into the contended territory from above, a paratrooper could provide critical assistance to his allies, especially those who were otherwise isolated from supply lines by their enemies. Before completing these missions, however, a soldier needed to earn his "jump wings," or paratrooper wings. Paratrooper wings signified a soldier's completion of essential parachute jump training, and this badge is one of the distinguishing features of the World War II paratrooper's uniform. Paratrooper boots, in addition, stand out as the first combat boots to feature high legs. Authentic jump wings and boots, along with other paratrooper memorabilia including jackets and caps, are among the many military relics available from reliable sellers on eBay.

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