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About Paracord Shackle

Finding new and interesting ways to keep your survival gear at hand is almost a game, which is why you learned how to braid paracord. It was not difficult to acquire a paracord bracelet shackle for your bracelets and other projects. These strong, stainless-steel shackles not only secure your braided work, they also can be used as clasps in an emergency. With your skills, it is possible to braid several feet of paracord into a bracelet that fits around your wrist. The right paracord adjustable shackle allows you to choose between a loose or snugger fit to that bracelet. Smaller bracelets with less cord can be made using a paracord bow shackle, and these make great gifts for female friends. In fact, you have made projects using a paracord bracelet shackle for almost everyone. It is a good thing the sellers on eBay have a vast selection of this varied hardware. Otherwise, you would have to start hoarding them.