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About Paracord

Paracord has come a long way since the military developed and used the lightweight nylon kernmantle rope for the suspension lines of World War II parachutes. The highly durable material also works well as a shoelace, sewing material, and clothesline. Yet the rope has its most important applications for survival after natural or manmade disasters, having received the nickname "550" because it can secure up to 550 pounds. Manufacturers constructed the rugged material to resist rotting, so Paracord dries quickly after prolonged submersion in water. Survival uses for the cord include building a bug-out shelter, holding a tourniquet in place, and providing a taut fishing line. You can separate the seven strands that comprise the braid, and use each strand for a different purpose. Creative users of the materials can make a Paracord bracelet or a Paracord lanyard, depending on their level of expertise. Most manufacturers offer the rugged nylon cord in lengths that range between 50 and 1000 feet, as well as in several varieties of colors. Ensure you have what it takes to survive by purchasing new or used Paracord from one of eBay's reliable sellers.