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About Paper Umbrellas

Breathtakingly beautiful, paper umbrellas are a recognizable element of Asian culture, with a simple grace the whole world can appreciate. Oil-paper umbrellas originated in China but quickly spread throughout many other Asian countries, giving way to a large number of cultural traditions. In both Japanese and Chinese weddings, it is customary for the matron of honor to use a paper umbrella to shield the bride on her way to the ceremony. Paper umbrellas are also used frequently as part of Japanese dance traditions or tea ceremonies. On eBay, there is a vast inventory of exquisite, hand-made paper umbrellas that make great gifts. Typically made with rice paper, these umbrellas are known for their vibrant colors and enchanting designs. Paper umbrellas are made in a variety of sizes, making it easy to find umbrellas for both children and adults. Great for protecting you from the sun or as a decoration at a wedding or other special event, paper umbrellas always add a distinct artistic touch to any occasion.

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