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About Paper Bags

You fondly remember all your school lunches being packed in brown paper bags by your mom, and now you are the parent using them to get your child’s lunch ready. It is interesting how such a simple thing comes in so many varieties, and you can do so much with them. Opting to use paper shopping bags over the plastic ones is a great way to be more environmentally friendly, and you can make so many fun things with a brown paper bag. You could turn them into fun party favors by wrapping up small gifts in the paper and then gluing on decorations like lace and bows. Inside, you can throw in some candy, gift cards, and a thank you card. Also, plan a craft day with the kids by turning some white paper bags into fun puppets to play with. Get all the supplies you need, such as yarn for the hair, on eBay. Such a simple item, yet so many uses. You can even use it to cover your head in shame for not realizing its versatility.