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About Pant Clips

You are enjoying a nice bike ride with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair, when you suddenly hit the pavement with your pant leg tangled up in your bike chain. Prevent that bike accident from happening with pant clips. Elastic pant clips hold pant legs firmly in place and away from unguarded chains. The clips usually come with clips or Velcro closures. An added bonus on some pant clips is a reflective strip of tape that allows riders to be seen in low-light conditions. Pant clips also protect pant legs from grease stains by keeping them clear from greasy parts of the gear system. For those daring people who crave more speed than a bicycle can provide, motorcycle pant clips, worn inside or outside the boots, keep pant legs from riding up. These clips hook onto each side of the pant leg and run under the boot or foot to keep pants in place. Worn inside the boots, they keep the pant legs tucked securely inside the boots. On eBay, you can find many different styles and lengths of pant clips, all providing a safer and more comfortable ride.

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