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About Panda Coins

Adorable black and white pandas are often associated with Chinese zoos, and the panda coin memorializes these exotic animals so that you can take them home. The gold panda coin was released in 1982 and quickly gained favor among collectors. Images of the panda on the front vary by year, with some even featuring an adult with her cub. These are considered the highest level of precious metal coins produced by China, and a complete set of gold pieces from each year since their inception holds high value. Silver panda coins follow the same system of releasing a fresh design each year. Various Chinese temples and monuments are included on the reverse. Find numerous collectibles in the large selection on eBay available with convenient shipping options, which means your precious items are delivered straight to your door. Panda coins also make excellent gifts for children just starting out in the collecting world. Bring some of the wild outdoors to your coin collection.