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About Panasonic Radios

The Panasonic radio. Bedside tables and study or office desks used to be incomplete without this baby. These days, all you do with your radios?if you can still call them that?is tap them or air shuffle, and some gadgets even function by voice command. Gone are the days of the satisfying click of a button, or turning the knob to get a station, or moving levers up and down until you get the bass just right. And who could forget the life-saving function of waking up to news or music instead of an ungodly and shrill ring of an alarm clock? The Panasonic clock radio is still beloved, and some moms and dads of today still probably have one stashed in a closet somewhere. Surprise lovers of all things vintage and collectible with a vintage Panasonic radio on their next birthday to trigger a nostalgic laugh. Reliable sellers on eBay offer these radios fully functioning, in products such as transistors, short wave radios, and even a Panasonic car radio that plays 8 tracks. What are 8 tracks? Better go ask your mom.