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About Panasonic

For some people, a moment isn't a memory unless it's documented by a snapshot or at least a few seconds of video. When your camera ranks in importance above almost any other electronic device, consider using high-end Panasonic products to preserve your cherished memories. In fact, Panasonic designs its photography and video equipment with memories in mind. Powerful zooms, face detection, optical image stabilization, and scene selection are features that ensure you get a great shot every time, whether you're in low-light conditions or on a sunny beach. If, for example, you’re an ornithologist who studies birds and are looking for that elusive Scarlet Tanager, you will find comfort in the moisture and dust-sealed Panasonic lenses. When you need to quickly zoom and focus before your subject flutters off, Panasonic won’t let you down. Choose between simple point-and-shoot cameras, DSLRs and other more complex models. If high definition video is more your style, a Panasonic camcorder with 64GB memory may be exactly what you need to capture all of those “America’s Funniest Home Video” moments. Of course, with Panasonic camcorders, you can take still photos of those great moments in addition to videos. Whatever your budget, there is a camera or camcorder that can meet your needs. Ranging in price from under $200 for beginning photographers and videographers to high-end professional grade models that cost well over $1,000, Panasonic offers innovative design coupled with ease of use. Don’t let fuzzy photos get you down. When you spot that Scarlet Tanager, quietly zoom in, take the shot, and make a memory.