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About Pan Tilt Camera

A mystery shoplifter discovered the blind spot in the area covered by the mall's security cameras and is slowly but surely robbing you blind. But with a pan tilt camera, you can sneak up on him. Unlike a regular security camera, this is a motorized camera that can be remotely panned, tilted, and zoomed. Therefore, a PTZ camera can be adjusted to cover a different area than it is originally pointed. Furthermore, tilting the camera will allow you to see from different angles, and its zoom feature will allow you to see closer. Whether you have a wired or wireless security system, you can find a compatible pan tilt camera among the wide selection of security cameras offered by reputable sellers on eBay. You should remember to also get an outdoor PTZ camera for the shop's exit. The mystery thief's identity is only half of the puzzle. How he carts away an armload of goods past a dozen mall cops is the other half.