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About Pan Am

Pan Am, once the largest international airline in the United States, started as a passenger and air mail service from Key West, Florida, to Havana, Cuba. Founded in 1927 as Pan American Airways, this once-dominant airline was the epitome of aviation innovation and romance. When its South American routes opened in 1931, the airline used the word "Clipper" to identify its aircraft. With names such as American Clipper, Caribbean Clipper, and Southern Clipper, these Sikorsky S-40 and S-38 flying boats were part of the cultural mystique that surrounded the airline. Pan Am was instrumental in replacing prop-driven piston airplanes with jet aircraft. In 1955, the airline became the first Boeing 707 customer, ordering 20 new jets. It also ordered 25 Douglas DC-8 jet aircraft, which offered six-across seating. The airline's onboard cuisine and personal service were inspired by Paris restaurant Maxim's and were the envy of the industry. The iconic navy blue globe logo, the pilots' white uniform caps, and the Pan Am stewardess uniforms and elegant white gloves recall a more civilized era of air travel. Airline fans can find Pan Am wings, posters, and glasses on eBay, where experienced sellers offer a wide variety of Pan Am memorabilia.