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About Pakistani Dresses

The elegance and intricacy of a Pakistani dress tends to make it a show stopper at any event. Featuring designs such as A-line cuts, ombre coloring that drifts from vibrant oranges to warm pinks, as well as detailed beading and threading, these dresses make for nearly endless options when deciding on the right one for the occasion. Dresses are generally constructed from materials like georgette and chiffon dupatta, or blends of similar materials which feature a sheer, light-weight characteristic. For a chic look, consider a Pakistani designer dress from well known designers such as Anarkali Salwar Kameez; the designer's bold use of gold embroidery paired with the rich color of the fabric make for a unique and luxurious look. Many women's Pakistani dresses come un-stitched, meaning the dress fits a range of sizes and once purchased, can be tailored to the desired size. Dresses also come with the option of semi-stitched, meaning part of the dress is embroidered as seen in the pictures, but tailoring is needed for length, sleeves, and around the neck. Pakistani dresses are a beautiful addition to any wardrobe, and the versatility of their design allows you to wear them for both casual and formal events. Find a variety of options on eBay.