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About Paiste Signature

You're not a novice anymore; set aside your piecemeal kit and pick out cymbals that have the same sound quality and feel. Paiste's Signature line, released in 1989, has a crisp and balanced sound that suits several environments and genres. Artists that use Paiste Signature cymbals in their kits include Meg White of the White Stripes and Tico Torres of Bon Jovi. The Signature line uses a proprietary bronze alloy made to give the cymbals their rich sound quality. The Signature line comes in two types: the original and the Paiste Signature Reflector Finish. Released in 2004, the Reflector series has a luminous finish; it has a slightly darker and softer sound than the originals, but is otherwise musically similar. Sellers on eBay usually offer individual cymbals for sale. Join some of the greatest drummers of their generation, and choose a cymbal set that stands up to the test of time.

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