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About Paiste Ride

The percussionist closes her eyes and touches the smooth surface of the Paiste ride cymbal. She shivers as she recalls the thrill of its sound, and the vibration that resonates throughout her body when she strikes the Paiste ride cymbal. Crafted in three varieties, the Paiste Signature ride comes in the Blue Bell 22-inch, the Full Ride 20-inch, and the Reflector Bell Ride 22-inch. These vary in intensity from dry to lively, and in bell character from strong and deep, to clear and crisp—each distinctive. Stewart Copeland of "The Police" even assisted in developing the Blue Bell 22-inch. Furthermore, the Paiste 2002 Ride comes in 20-inch, 22-inch, and 24-inch models. This cymbal has a classic rock ride sound that is warm, full, lively, and brilliant. This series is excellent as a general-purpose ride. Paiste creates state-of-the-art instruments based in painstaking research and precision craftsmanship. Founded by an Estonian musician and composer at the turn of the 20th century, the instrument manufacturer continues to create new sound with cymbals. Percussionists can conveniently search for finely crafted new and pre-owned cymbals on eBay, and then start rocking out.

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