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About Paiste Alpha

You think that the guitarists should be the loudest and most brazen members of a rock band but for yours, it is the drummer. If you want a cymbal that can take the fury of his hot and passionate drumming, then you should get a Paiste Alpha cymbal. The Alpha cymbals are semi-professional cymbals suitable for a wide range of musical styles. They are constructed from CuSn8 bronze or 2002 bronze. This alloy allows them to produce bright, crisp, and energetic sounds with excellent tonal clarity. For those low to medium loud volumes required for your somber songs, get a Paiste Alpha Crash cymbal. However, only a Paiste Alpha Hi-Hat cymbal can do for those songs that start out soft only to crescendo in blood-stirring highs. With the wide selection of percussion instruments offered by reliable sellers on eBay, you can easily find the right Paiste Alpha cymbals to satisfy your drummer's heavy hand.

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