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About Paiste 2002

Don't let the name fool you: the Paiste 2002 cymbals have been in production since 1971. The cymbals use B8 bronze, also called "2002 bronze"—hence the name. While the 2002s were the first to use this type of bronze, several manufacturers have followed suit. The 2002 line fits with nearly any music genre, from gospel to punk rock. In fact, the distinct sound is one that most rock fans know without even thinking about it. These cymbals work in both live sessions and recordings. Playing in a bar one night, then a park the next? No problem; the 2002s sound great in both environments. The brand includes a wide a variety of cymbals. From Paiste 2002 crash cymbals to the 2002 hi hats, you can find each piece needed to fill out your drum set on eBay. While new cymbals are less likely to have unseen defects, used cymbals allow a new drummer to fill out their kit for a bit less money. Don't settle for thin or wimpy sound. Turn to a cymbal known for being warm, clear, and bold.

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