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Paisley - Clothing, Shoes and Accessories

About Paisley - Clothing, Shoes and Accessories

Originally an Indian and Iranian design, paisley was made popular in mainstream culture during the 60s, specifically during the Summer of Love. When the Beatles came back from their pilgrimage to India, they brought a love of paisley with them, and since that time paisley has been associated with mysticism and hippie culture. However, when used in small amounts, the design does not necessarily create a hippie style every time it appears in an outfit. For example, a man can wear a paisley tie with a white shirt and dark suit and still look work-appropriate and fashion-forward. This pattern also features in women's style, and it is not uncommon to find a paisley dress in women's clothing stores, often in the form of a maxi dress, which is ideal summer wear. Since it can be an overwhelming pattern and is best used in small pieces, paisley scarves make another ideal way to incorporate this pattern into your everyday outfit. All these paisley pieces and more can be found on eBay, in new or gently used condition.