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About Painted Ponies

And the painted ponies go up and down...we're captive on the carousel of time... urge the haunting lyrics from songstress Joni Mitchell. Painted ponies have long been associated with the circle of life and the passage of time, their innocent beauty absurdly transposed against human fate. Create a little corner of fantastical imagery for yourself with one of Rod Barker's wondrous painted ponies from his popular "Trail of Painted Ponies" line. Choose from a wide selection of signed painted ponies to match any dream or decor, such as the luminous "Northern Lights" pony, the vibrant "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" beauty, or the iridescent blue "Serenity." You are certain to find the perfect painted pony that will speak to you among the "Happy Trails," "War Pony," and other collections. A painted ponies ornament for Christmas trees or picture windows are highly collectible and make fine gifts for family and friends. Choose retired and new ponies like "Painted Harmony," "Storm Rider," and "Country Christmas." Depend on reliable sellers on eBay to deliver your pony of choice with safe and speedy precision right to your front door.