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About Paintball Pods

You and your son enjoy taking down the competition in local paintball tournaments, and you recently came upon eBay as you were shopping for some paintball pods. It didn?t take you long to figure out that eBay?s reliable sellers offered several varieties of pods from all of the top manufacturers, and you were amazed at how many new options they offered in paintball accessories. After choosing more pods than you originally planned to purchase, you spotted a great deal on a used paintball pod belt for your son, as the belt was still in immaculate condition and was priced to sell. You also couldn?t resist the urge to look for a deal on a paintball pod harness, and you were thrilled when you found a Kingman Spyder paintball 6 + 1 ammo pack pod and tank harness that was brand new and included an extra seven paintball pods. The paintball tournament the next weekend was exhilarating, as you and your son took down the competition, and you both were grateful that you found new harnesses that held 140 pods, which you?re certain played a huge role in taking that trophy along home with you.