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About Paint by Number

February school vacation week is coming up, and you are staring into a week of snow and cooped-up kids on vacation. Stock up on some supplies to save your sanity during the upcoming week, including craft projects such as paint by number kits. A kids' paint by number project introduces very basic painting skills. The child matches the paint number to a printed number on the canvas, but he can also learn about the subtleties of shading within that spot. A paint by number can also introduce your child to great art. Look, for example, for a reproduction Van Gogh paint by number for an older child. For a younger child, you can get simpler images of animals, flowers, or scenic views. Paint by number kits are not just for kids, though. In fact, this technique was very popular among adults in the 1950s. Try your hand with a complex vintage paint by number kit. A complete set includes the canvas, paints, and all the brushes. Search eBay for paint by number kits, and utilize the convenient shipping options to prepare yourself for vacation week.