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About Pageant Crowns

Every year, young women put their talents, personalities, and beauty on display in pageants, all for the glory of representing their home city, state, or country, and for the chance to don a crown. Pageant crowns provide the ultimate symbol of distinguished and graceful young ladies, and they are necessities at pageant events. While it is possible to use a round crown that goes all the way around the head, most pageant crowns take the form of tiaras. These headpieces, held securely with the help of pageant crown pins, traditionally come to a point in the center and taper down along two edges that wrap around. The winner of the pageant receives the largest crown, while first and second runners up may receive their own smaller crowns. Apart from size, a gold pageant crown is also a way to distinguish a winner. Regardless of color, these crowns must be visible even to those in the back rows and balconies at the pageant. This is why they generally feature rhinestones and other gems. Within the vast inventory on eBay, there are plenty of crowns that sparkle and shine.