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About Paddock Boots

The horse is ready to ride and the saddle is set; does the rider have the right footwear for a comfortable day on the trail? Without a top-notch pair of paddock boots, riding all day could be tougher and more uncomfortable than expected. From English inspired designs, men's or women's paddock boots provide comfort and protection not only while riding but also around the farm. Comfortable and sturdy footbeds offer support for all kinds of outdoor activities. Elastic sides provide plenty of flexibility when riding the horse or climbing around the worksite. Strong stitching and real leather make both women's and men's paddock boots durable and long lasting. Whether you plan to ride the stallions all day long or put in a long day of work at the stables, a brand new pair of paddock boots from eBay's many reliable sellers could make the day all that much easier and more enjoyable. Find the right pair for you and enjoy supreme comfort during your long day in the great outdoors.

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