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About Padded Compression Shorts

"Take a hit," your brother says, passing you a pair of padded compression shorts. Knowing you need help cushioning the inevitable blows of coach's next tough practice, you enthusiastically accept his offer. On eBay, you can explore the large inventory of padded compression shorts, searching for your perfect pair by size, brand, style, and more. If you love all things Nike, for instance, you can look for its line of protective shorts. You might find a pair extending down to just above the knee, or reaching below the kneecap for ultimate protection. These shorts feature elastic waistbands, which ensure comfortable and forgiving fits. Their legs and seat area contain layers of spandex and cotton, which wick away excess moisture, leaving your skin comfortable and dry. Spandex is ideal for wearing in cooler weather too, as it traps heat from muscles, keeping your legs warm and loose. Protective materials, including foam and gel pads, sit in key locations, including the saddle area, outer thighs, and kneecaps, keeping you safe during blows and collisions. Layers of mesh around the shorts help air circulate, which reduces moisture buildup from sweat, keeping you dry and smelling better. You can find these shorts in styles for youth, adolescents, and men, letting you play hard at all stages of life.

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