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About Paco Rabanne

You are in your 20s, a tough guy who has little patience for a cologne that takes too long to develop only to smell like an apology. A Paco Rabanne perfume is what you need to wear for that signature whiff that best describes you. If you look and feel like a million dollars, then you should wear the spicy, leathery, and distinctly masculine Paco Rabanne 1 Million cologne. It may have a woody, oriental scent, but this fragrance has a base note of amber, top notes of blood orange and peppermint, and a heart of rose and musk. With a bottle shaped like a gold ingot, the 1 Million is the ultimate sensual expression of male fantasies. However, if you prefer a different kind of tough, you should choose Paco Rabanne Black XS fragrance. Although it has the same woody, spicy profile as the 1 Million, its scent is distinctly different and it comes in a monolithic black bottle adorned with a bold signature and a tender rose. Ready to find out what scent best goes with your l'enfant terrible disposition? You can find a wide selection of Paco Rabanne designer fragrances on eBay.