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About Packable Jackets

Whether your idea of a fun day out is backpacking through the snowy mountains, rock climbing on a cool fall day, or hiking along scenic trails, there is one piece of clothing that is a staple among outdoor enthusiasts. Having a high-quality packable jacket not only allows you to stay warm and safe in cold weather or windy conditions, but also offers a convenient way to store the jacket away when it is not needed. Excess weight is a hiker's worst enemy, but a packable jacket is lightweight and filled with materials such as goose down. The down insulation provides comfort and protection from the elements, but is also highly compressible, allowing it to easily roll up, and be conveniently packed away. Some jackets even come with their own carrying case that is cleverly part of the jacket design. Peruse the large inventory on eBay to find a wide variety of these jackets for both men and women. If you regularly encounter heavy precipitation on your backpacking trips, choose a packable rain jacket, which offers extra protection against the elements, keeping you dry while you are on the move. Having the right outfit is just as important as having the correct supplies and equipment, so take time to select a proper outdoor wardrobe before leaving on your next adventure.

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