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About P. Buckley Moss

A flock of geese fly in tandem across a wintry expanse of countryside or a young boy nuzzles a lamb from his father's farm. These classic American scenes are at the heart of work by P. Buckley Moss. As a Cooper Union-trained artist, Moss exhibits the skill of a technical master yet manages to retain a type of purity in her work that is evocative. While quaint in ways, Moss' images also exude a stark simplicity that is particularly characteristic of the American experience. A P. Buckley Moss image might feature a lonely farmhouse in a snowy field or portray an Amish farmer working in the field, making her a quintessentially American artist. Her work also appears on collectible items. P. Buckley Moss ornaments, for example, bring charm and artistic value to Christmas decor and the holidays. Collectors can find signed and numbered P. Buckley Moss prints and other limited edition works to add to a collection. A wide variety of P. Buckley Moss items are available in the vast inventory on eBay, so start exploring and find an example of this classic American artist's work for your own home or collection.