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In music, like fashion, collaboration often results in something far greater and more meaningful than one artist can produce on his own. The tag OVOXO stands for just such a collaboration in both the music and fashion world. A mixture of the names used by the rapper Drake (OVO) and R&B singer The Weeknd (XO), these letters stand for a fusion of sound and genres that Drake's production company has translated into wearable merchandise. An OVOXO shirt or hoodie often features the owl emblem of Drake's company, October's Very Own (OVO), along with the tag for his collaboration with The Weeknd. Often rendered in black and gold, the simple designs of OVOXO clothing represent a calling card of sorts for those who appreciate Drake's music. Based on hip-hop styles, OVOXO sweatshirts, snapbacks, and T-shirts are meant to look simple and wear baggy. Fusing fashion and music is nothing new, but using your fashion to communicate the collaboration of music is something specific to Drake, October's Very Own, and his close relationship with The Weeknd. Wearing this clothing is a collaboration in itself, a collaboration between a love of music and a love of style. Finding affordable new and used items from the OVOXO line is easy on eBay.