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About Oversized Shirt

A staple of rom-coms is the girl walking around in her boyfriend?s button-up shirt that somehow manages to dwarf her frame and still look alluring. Unfortunately, this look is much harder to pull off outside the big screen, which is where oversized shirts come into play. Let?s face it, women have curves that are simply not present in men and their clothes are not prepared to deal with them. Embrace the trend of oversized shirts by purchasing a shirt that is designed to be long and loose on a woman?s frame. Whether you are looking for something that?s denim, striped, solid, or a fun print, you can find it on eBay. Too much baggy and loose can ruin the whole look, so keep your pants sleek and form fitting with skinny jeans or leggings. Just remember, unless it is specifically a T-shirt dress, you probably will want to wear pants if you wear it out of the house. Buy it new, used, or vintage, because some trends are just too comfortable to stay away.