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About Overflow Tanks

You hear the snarl of superheated coolant expanding and the hissing cloud of steam jetting from a maxed-out engine. These sounds reveal the existence of the overflow tank, a component of a car's radiator that accepts overheated liquid coolant and provides a place for it to cool and contract before being reintroduced to the system. The radiator overflow tank acts as a car's circulatory system, moving coolant in a loop to keep the engine working at peak efficiency and to shed excess heat. An aluminum overflow tank ups the ante, providing a lighter framework and better heat dispersion. On eBay, car owners have access to a wide range of parts from reliable sellers, enabling you to pick out the overflow tank best suited to your car and to the role it plays. A utility vehicle might need a heavy-duty component to keep it roaring through muddy terrain and rough weather, while a luxury automobile might do better with a high-performance part designed for drop-in installation. Either way, you can keep your car cool and purring.