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About Overdrives

Car owners always aspire to drive with better fuel economy, and an overdrive or OD offers that, along with other benefits. An overdrive facilitates better fuel economy by allowing a car to cruise at sustained speed with reduced engine RPM. With this function, an overdrive can also lower noise and decrease wear. Achieving an overdrive transmission in front-engine, rear-wheel drive layouts require a separate gearbox, which is an optional feature on some car models. A pre-owned Chevy or Ford overdrive, for instance, is available on the market to those who want better fuel economy. Fixing an overdrive can also require replacement components, which can also come as used components. Faster cars that go further than within regular limits usually feature a five-speed gearbox, with the fifth gear being the overdrive. This feature in popular cars eliminates the need for a separate gearbox. Buyers can find a range of options for an overdrive or OD on eBay, which houses many reliable sellers.

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