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About Over Ear Headphones

What do you think it would take to throw the headphones that came with your MP3 player into the trash can? A decent pair of over-ear headphones might just change your mind. With over-ear headphones, the sound quality is simply irreproducible with all but the most expensive of ear buds. Good quality headphones, like Skull candy over-ear headphones, deliver deep bass, balanced midtones, and well-rendered treble that does not sound tinny. In general, over-ear headphones provide high-fidelity sound that can adequately represent your music, even at high volumes. While you may wish to keep your ear buds for their convenience, you may not be keeping them for their sound quality after you try a pair of these headphones. You can find various colored headphones, like a pair of white over-ear headphones, on eBay available from reliable sellers. Do not settle for low-quality when it comes to music; buy a pair of headphones that change how you think and listen to music.