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About Outlaw Tires

When the mud is thick, make sure your tires are thicker. Succeed in every situation and master the muck with High Lifter Outlaw tires. High Lifter is a relatively new company, only founded in 1996, but it has quickly become a leader in the production of hardcore ATV tires and aftermarket accessories. Outlaw ATV tires are some of the most aggressive mud tires on the market, offering awesome style and ultimate performance for anyone who lives for muddy mayhem on the wildest off-road adventures. The deep tread bar gives improved traction in muddy and wet conditions, while cupped, paddle-like lugs help to propel the vehicle forward rather than cutting deep into the mud and digging a hole. Furthermore, the tread design keeps as much rubber on the road as possible to minimize tread wear, and the large space between lugs helps the tires vent mud in motion, self-cleaning the tires to maintain consistent performance. To experience the tires that are a must-have for any extreme mud rider, purchase High Lifter Outlaw tires from among the large inventory on eBay.