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About Outdoor WiFi Antenna

Your Internet consumption at home is nothing compared to your gamer and blogger friends, and so while the free Wi-Fi provided by the coffee shop down the street is not the fastest, your outdoor Wi-Fi antenna ropes in easily enough bandwidth for your own casual purposes. Plus, the money you save by avoiding a service fee can be allocated to other items, like your daily latte. The vast inventory on eBay includes a number of different weather-resistant long-range Internet antennas mountable to rooftops, balconies, window ledges, and more. By positioning the antenna where the line of sight is clearest for as far as possible, antennas of varying strengths receive clear Wi-Fi signals from as much as half a mile away, and then channel it right into your device through a USB connection. It is a money-saving Internet solution for students, a peace-of-mind backup plan for web-dependent telecommuters, and a major convenience to travelers. Place an outdoor Wi-Fi antenna by a cabin or trailer window to pick up the signal from the ranger station. Borrow some bandwidth from the lunch spot around the block when your own home Internet is down.

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