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About Outdoor TV Antenna

Living in a rural area has many benefits, but the one drawback is no cable to watch your favorite TV shows. An outdoor TV antenna can solve that problem. Modern technology has come a long way from the days of going outside to turn the pole to try to pick up a local station. Today, digital outdoor TV antennas can pick up UHF/VHF and HDTV signals up to 120 miles away. The 360-degree rotation antennas are remotely controlled from the comfort of your home. Multiple transmitting sources make TV antennas ideal for rural or metropolitan areas. Many people opt for these antennas to get rid of the high cost of cable or satellite bills while still enjoying their favorite TV shows. Once you have purchased and installed the outdoor TV antenna, receiving all over-the-air signals are free, and you can pick up many local stations not carried by cable or satellite. To get the best quality from your antenna, it should be installed in an open place, free from obstructions of tall trees and buildings. You can find a vast selection of outdoor TV antennas on eBay.

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