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About Outboard Jets

You want to fly across the water like James Bond in "Moonraker" or "Live and Let Die." Q did not invent outboard jets, but many boat owners are making the conversion for other reasons than speed. Outboard jet drives are perfect for shallow water. Sandbars, rapids, and rocky-bottomed rivers and lakes are impossible to navigate with a regular outboard because the propeller makes it dangerous and impractical. Because outboard jet motors do not extend below the hull, you can pass over obstacles with no damage to the boat and no danger to water dwellers. For anglers, this is perfect for getting to rocky shallows where fish love to congregate. Every year, boat propellers cause 200 to 250 injuries, about 25 to 35 of which are fatal. For Floridians, these outboard jets are perfect for navigating through waters filled with manatees and otters. Propeller collisions with watercraft cause over 41 percent of manatee deaths every year. Because jet drive outboard motors are small and can tilt completely out of the water, they are easier to clean and maintain, too. Browse the large inventory on eBay and find the perfect outboard motor for your boat.