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About Otterbox

A short fall against the hard floor often proves fatal for phones and tablets, which is why OtterBox cases are such a good idea. OtterBox cases protect mobile devices from the common hazards of daily use: light raps, drops, scratches, dirt, and even dog bites. Readily available among the vast inventory on eBay, OtterBox cases come in different builds, the most popular of which include the Defender and Commuter series. The Defender Series is essentially a tank. It comes with a robust three-layer protection that is capable of withstanding shock, bumps, and drops. It also comes with a holster design. This way, you can keep your Samsung Galaxy S4 literally next to you. The Commuter series comes with a more streamlined build that allows users to carry their devices in their pocket. It is the perfect option for protecting your iPod touch while you are out on a run or taking a walk. To ensure a custom fit, OtterBox makes its cases to fit different models. The precision behind the design also ensures that each device is able to retain all its slots and functions, allowing for safe and comfortable use.