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About OTC Genisys

You know that taking a sharp turn should not cause your car to make a sound like an elephant coughing up nails, but without a trip to the shop it can be difficult to know what, specifically, is going wrong. OTC Genisys is a software and hardware integrated system that interfaces with your car's computers to produce a detailed readout of vital statistics that tell you everything you need to know in order to make a competent diagnosis of many common computer and mechanical problems that can afflict cars. With an OTC Genisys card you can interface directly to discover carburetor mixture rates, engine cycling speed, and the pressure and heat of exhaust exiting your system. The OTC Genisys cable links your car to a portable readout where this data is displayed in real time, meaning you get on-the-spot assessments of how each of your car's systems, whether independent or interdependent, are functioning and allowing you to do work yourself that could cost big bucks at a garage. You can find the OTC Genisys system in the vast inventory on eBay.