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About Orrefors

When you first saw several Orrefors glassware pieces at a friend's house, you thought they were simply decorative and praised their smooth curves and sharp angles. But then your friend poured wine into those exquisite drinking glasses and revealed that they were both functional and beautiful. Orrefors glassworks is an old Swedish manufacturer of crystal vases, stemware, barware, and lighting products named for the village where it was founded in 1898. The timeless designs of its glassware bear the unmistakable Scandinavian love for asymmetrical patterns, shimmering facets, and hand-cut crystals. However, you do not have to travel to Europe to pick up these elegant, finely crafted Nordic beauties to adorn your home. You can find an Orrefors decanter for your wine among the wide selection of luxury, decorative crystal glassware on eBay. While picking up the decanter, do not forget to get an Orrefors vase as well. Those freshly cut flowers from your garden look every bit as radiant in a precious vase.