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About Ormolu

Your relentless hunt for vintage jewelry to add to your collection led you to the discovery of ormolu ornaments. These are also called bronze dore or gilt bronze. A dore is made from a bronze, brass, or copper object gilded by an amalgam of gold and mercury over fire. The extreme heat of the fire burns off the mercury and leaves a fine coat of gold over the object. The resulting ormolu ornament is often used as decorative mountings for antique furniture, clocks, lamps, and chests. While gilded dore was popular in France in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the health hazard of vaporized mercury prompted a ban on the liquid metal. Therefore, there has been no true French ormolu since 1830. However, modern techniques such as electroplating can produce gold-gilded ornaments of the same richness as antique dore. With the wide selection of collectibles offered by reliable sellers on eBay, you can easily find both modern and antique ormolu ornaments to complete your vintage decor.