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About Origin 8

You’re finding that raising kids these days is much different from when you were a child, because they just don’t seem to understand the concept of working for something that they want. As a result, you’ve decided teach your son a lesson when he kept talking about how he wanted an Origin 8 bicycle. To do so, you told him that if he wanted this new bike, then he would have to spend some of his vacation helping you build it for him, and he looked at you like you had lost your mind. However, his opinion changed once you both started looking on eBay for the parts that you would need to assemble the bike. First, you found a great deal on a new Origin 8 frame from a reliable seller, and he was excited because it was the Del Pasado Fixie bike frame model that he really wanted, while you were just glad that it actually came with a much-needed fork. Next, you both browsed the listings for 700c wheels and 47-57mm brakes, and then ordered the Origin 8 pedals and handlebars that you needed to complete your project. By the end of spring break, not only had your son gotten his new bike, but you’d also taught him a lesson about the value of working hard for something that he wanted.