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About Order

When your son came home from summer camp talking about an “order” being a very popular trend these days for collectors, you had no idea what he was talking about. However, after asking some questions and doing some research, you found out that “orders” were actually replica military medals depicting various orders from all over the world. As a teacher, you became intrigued with the idea, believing that it is an innovative way to teach current events in your classroom. You began to search for military style order metals, specifically ones that pertain to countries in some form of recent combat. Your search took you to eBay, where you found a wide variety of medals from all over the world. Not only did you find a Romania order medal, but you also found a Yugoslavia order medal as well. Both medals came crafted with intricate details and in mint condition, and you’ve found that your students are very intrigued by the metals and are eager to learn more about the countries from which they originated. As a result, you’re thrilled to know that you were able to purchase something from eBay that engaged your students so successfully.